Camarena PTA Special Funding Request 2019-20


The Camarena PTA Mini-Grant Program aims to serve as many Camarena students as possible by funding one-time events or supplies where alternate funding is not available. Camarena teachers, teacher/faculty sponsored club leaders, administrators, staff members and students may apply.


The PTA is guided by the principle that mini-grants should benefit the largest number of students possible across a variety of grade levels and subject areas.

Note: This is not the same process for the Teacher Mini-Grants that are offered annually

Note: Link to request form and copy of this page is at the bottom.


Examples of Allowable Requests Examples of Unallowable Requests
• Supplies, materials and equipment including books, magazines and newspapers
• Support for school programs
• Instructional CDs, videos and software
• Electrical or electronic equipment
• Entry fees or admission costs to museums or other field trip destinations
• Sporting equipment that can be used by all kids
• Private transportation costs, hotels, etc.
• Salaries or substitute teacher costs
• Professional development or staff conferences of any kind
• Gift cards
• Food
• Furnishings for staff rooms, lunch rooms or principals’ offices
• Non teacher/staff sponsored athletics-related request
• Registration fee or liability insurance for club and sporting events


How to Apply/Deadlines


     1. Complete the Special Funding Request Form. Note that administration signature is required.
     2. Submit a form for each request by the 1ST of the month to
     3. All Requests will be reviewed at the PTA Executive Board meetings held the 2nd Tuesday of each month, except for June and July (Requestors may be asked to attend an Executive Board meeting to  provide additional information if deemed necessary.)
     4. Requestors will be notified of Board approval to move the request forward within one week of the PTA Executive Board Meeting
     5. Approved requests will be added to the next PTA General Meeting following board approval to be considered for approval by general membership


Important Reminders


  • Fully complete the request form, including how the funds will be used. One form per request.
  • Calculate expenditures carefully. The PTA will not fund any amounts over the amount approved (include tax and shipping costs, especially for internet purchases).
  • Grant funds must be used for the purposes specified in the grant application.
  • Items purchased with grant proceeds are the property of Camarena PTA.
  • You must be a member of Camarena PTA in order to request a mini-grant. Information about joining the PTA can be found online at
  • Complete a reimbursement form when you are ready to be reimbursed. Please attach a copy of your miniā€grant approval letter and all receipts with the form.
  • Grants are subject to approval based on available funds at the time of consideration. If rejected due to this reason, teacher/staff member may re-submit the application for re-consideration when funds/resources are available.


Download a request form and these instructions here: Request Form and Instructions

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